Rouhani [Again] Warns Next U.S. President: Prepare to Surrender to Iran

Rouhani [Again] Warns Next U.S. President: Prepare to Surrender to Iran

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani on Thursday professed to be entirely disinterested as to the identity of the next president of the United States. Instead he reissued his warning that whoever occupies the Oval Office must get ready to surrender to the might, power and majesty of the Islamic Republic he leads.

In comments at the opening of a municipal water and waste treatment supply project, Rouhani dismissed the U.S. presidential election process before declaring:

It is not important who is elected (U.S.) president, as the next U.S. administration will surrender to the Iranian nation.

Tasnim News Agency reports he then added “the U.S. government has no option but to give in to the law, the pressure of public opinion, and the resistance from the great Iranian nation.”

“Our nation would not buckle under the pressures. We can overcome the enemies and force them to resume honoring the law and regulations,” Rouhani said.

This is no the first time Rouhani has felt the need to comment on the White House and its occupant or boast of Iran’s assumed global supremacy.

Last month he made a similar jibe, saying the next U.S. president must be ready to kneel before Iran and all its might.

As Breitbart News reported, earlier this year he said the Islamic Republic does not “let the autocrats at the White House smile”  because of the stern national resolve to thwart “hostility to Iranian people.”

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