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After Judge Judy Endorses Mike Bloomberg – Judy’s Show Sadly Admits It’s Coming To A Definite End

Oh, Judge Judy, America used to love you. But then you went and endorsed Mini Mike Bloomberg.

Really, Judy? You were an impartial judge—that everyone respected. Why risk your reputation by endorsing a man who clearly thinks he can buy an election?

Perhaps the judge got a little too “Hollywood”? Maybe she thought she could do what celebrities do—and push her political views?

In any case, it seems like this move could have backfired. I’m guessing it’s just a coincidence that after her endorsement, she got this news?

From Hollywood Reporter:

The syndicated court show host appears on Monday’s The Ellen DeGeneres, where she told DeGeneres that the 2020-21 season of Judge Judy will also be its last. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Judge Judy will end production after next season, which will be the show’s 25th season on the air.

Call it the Trump curse. Call it Karma. Call it bad timing. But soon after Judge Judy backed Mike Bloomberg, CBS canceled her show.

After 25 years, the network is saying enough is enough.

She said CBS “wanted to optimally utilize the repeats,” of her program. Meaning it’s probably cheaper for them to repeat old shows than pay for new ones.

Odd timing, huh? They loved paying her big bucks to keep her show going for twenty-five years. Over two decades.

Yet now they want to just repeat the old ones, again and again.

We can’t say for sure why her show is ending. But it is odd that it sounds like they pulled the plug.

In fact, the woman claims she’s already planning a new show. But she didn’t reveal any details. Nor did she say where it would be aired.

Hmm… perhaps the old judge is just trying to save face? I guess we’ll see.

Hopefully, she’s learned not to push her political views onto her fans?

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