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Adam Schiff Drops His Mask On Live TV – Admits Democrat Impeachment “Isn’t Going To End”

Schiff said one thing – but now he admits what he really wants!

After months of media spin and private/public hearings, the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry seems to have reached its end.

Adam Schiff spent two weeks questioning “witnesses,” but none of them could provide convincing-enough proof that Trump committed impeachable offenses. At least according to what Americans are saying.

New polls are coming out, revealing more and more Americans are rejecting impeachment.

If Schiff was smart, he’d just drop this whole thing and move on, right?

Perhaps he isn’t smart, because he just revealed on live TV what he intends to do—vote or no vote.

From Twitter:

A rare moment of honesty from Adam Schiff. He says “the investigation isn’t going to end.” He knows they can’t beat Trump straight up so they need to continue this farce in 2020 in hopes it helps. Feels like an admission he knows impeachment is a dead end.

Wow. While being interviewed about his impeachment inquiry—and how it just ended—Schiff let slip that the “investigation isn’t going to end.”

Um… really? Listen, Schiff, you just wasted months of our time with an inquiry that went nowhere. Democrats are getting slammed for neglecting important issues to put up with your puppet show.

Now, some people think you won’t even vote for impeachment—or that enough Democrats will vote against it. All to save their skins.

But you say that you won’t stop your investigation?

What do you really expect to discover? You have the transcript of the calls. You’ve subpoenaed everyone you thought would damage Trump (ignoring people actually on the call who said Trump did nothing wrong).

It seems like you’ve turned over every stone worth turning, right?

What else is there to investigate? Are you going to go person to person in D.C. to ask for their opinion?

Are you going to go onto the View and ask the ladies what they think? I’m sure they’ll say whatever you want them to say!

But none of that is going to provide real evidence of anything.

The show’s over, Schiff. You did your best to take down Trump. Now you have to lie in the bed you made.

Unless, of course, this impeachment was just a sham to put pressure on the president. All in the name of propping up Democrat presidential candidates in whom you have no confidence?

If that was the case, then you’d be a real sore loser. And someone who perhaps shouldn’t be in Congress.

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