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Pelosi’s Impeachment Warning To Democrats Slips Out – Nancy Says It’s ‘Too Dangerous’ To Wait For 2020

Nancy didn’t want America to hear – it’s out now!

Nancy Pelosi keeps changing her tune and her latest message to her party shows she’s getting desperate.

Not long ago, she was against impeaching Donald Trump. In fact, she said that unless an impeachment push was bipartisan—the political consequences would be devastating.

Hmm… so why did she so quickly jump on board this impeachment movement, when there is so little to go on?

In a recently released message to her party, Pelosi revealed what she really feels about impeachment and our democracy.

From The Federalist Papers:

House Speaker and California Rep. Nancy Pelosi has told her caucus that waiting for an election dangerous and risky.

Sadly, that statement shows the ideals of the Democrat Party who have no interest in free and fair elections as they proclaim.

What they really want is power and they are willing to obtain that power at any cost, even if it means impeaching the duly elected President of The United States.

Wow. In a recent letter to House Democrats, Pelosi said it was dangerous to wait for 2020 and let voters decide.

Um… isn’t that the basis for our government. Rich, powerful elites don’t decide the president, we do.

But it’s clear that Pelosi sees the writing on the wall. She knows she’s made a big mistake, but the only thing worse than impeaching Trump now is to have gone this far and fail.

If House Democrats impeach Trump, many of them (from red states) will lose their seats.

But if they don’t impeach, Dems from blue states will be abandoned by their base.

Either way, they are probably goners.

Man, Pelosi really jumped on a grenade when she reversed course on impeachment, huh?

Many Americans see this impeachment as a great, big charade. A waste of time that is wearing on everybody’s nerves.

We all believe this has been the left’s attempt at meddling with the 2020 election. Already it’s been backfiring on them.

I mean, when was the last time anyone’s even talked about the Democrats’ candidates? Ouch, right?

Maybe the left should have thought twice before the tried to impeach Trump.

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