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President Trump Fires White House Official – Clears The Way For Major California Cleanup

Donald’s cleaning house – and cleaning up crusty California!

California was once known as the Golden Star. Boy, have the mighty fallen.

The state is now run by Democrats. They, in fact, have a supermajority in state government.

Which means any wild liberal idea has a very good chance of being passed. With virtually no opposition, Democrats have made a mess of the state.

And they’ve wasted billions in tax dollars doing it. Well, President Trump has had enough.

He’s talked about the state of CA for a long time. Now he’s taking action.

From MSM:

A top federal homelessness official announced Friday that he has left his post at the Trump administration’s request, an unexpected move that comes as the White House plans a sweeping crackdown aimed at homelessness in California…

The Trump administration is still actively exploring options for a crackdown on homelessness aimed at California, a process that has been ongoing for months, according to one person with knowledge of the planning who spoke on the condition of anonymity to share internal information.

Boom! Trump canned a White House official that was simply not doing his job.

The ousting of this official signals a major step in cleaning up California.

It’s no secret the many problems the state is facing is thanks to its liberal leadership. They’d rather waste money on government programs than to rebuild and strengthen their state.

It’s gotten so bad, many residents are simply fleeing to other states.

The president is forced to employ a policy where the federal government takes charge.

How that policy will look remains to be seen. The federal government can only do some much to intervene in a state.

Trump can offer aid, use federal agencies in the region to set regulation, and even enlist the military if necessary.

But all that is pointless if the local government doesn’t change.

Trump isn’t in the business of wasting money or throwing good ideas down the drain. If the California government refuses to cooperate, things will only get worse.

Perhaps the people of the state should start voting Republican, fast.

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