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Clinton Adviser Sideswipes ‘Crooked Hillary’ – Tells Her It’s About Time To “Go Home And Shut Your Mouth”

Ouch – and this is coming from Hillary’s own people!

It’s been three years since the 2016 Election, yet we still have to put up with Hillary Clinton.

It’s not too farfetched. The Democratic field is so weak, some liberals are scared of losing and think Hillary can save them.

But a former advisor has some tough words for Mrs. Clinton.

From The Blaze:

Former Clinton adviser Doug Schoen offered pointed advice for Hillary Clinton Tuesday amid calls for her to enter the 2020 presidential race — “go home” and “shut your mouth.”

“Just forget about this,” Schoen said. “I mean, she lost when she shouldn’t have lost. Everything she said recently has been nuts.”

Ouch! Talk about an epic smackdown.

You know things are bad when an old advisor is telling you to just shut up and go home!

Honestly, this guy couldn’t have been a very good advisor, if Clinton lost (twice). But at least he’s smart enough to see the writing on the wall.

He even blasted Clinton by saying what she’s said has been “nuts.” And, I’m sure you would agree.

When asked about running recently, she made an odd joke about literally running. She later said she’s feeling pressure to jump into the race.

From who? Her pet dog?

Nobody wants to see Hillary Clinton lose three times to become president.

And if the Democrats were smart (I don’t think they are), they would stay far away from her.

But they are in a pickle, aren’t they? Their “front runner” is Elizabeth Warren. A woman who claimed to be an American Indian—and wants to burden us with a $52 trillion healthcare plan.

Yeah, not a lot of winners in the 2020 race. Seems like the left is just handing Trump the election.

Does anyone honestly think, though, that Hillary should jump in?

Even with the mainstream media on her side (and a reported $2 billion), she lost in 2016 to a first-time candidate.

I doubt things would go better after Trump’s been winning for four years.

This Schoen guy seems to be the only Democrat with a lick of sense. Perhaps Clinton will wise up and listen.

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