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Schiff’s Impeachment Witness Turns On Him – Reveals New Testimony That Rips The Dossier To Shreds

Adam Schiff thought he found someone to nail Trump – but this couldn’t be worse for him!

Since starting his “impeachment inquiry,” Schiff has ignored the actual evidence. The transcript between Trump and Ukraine proves he did nothing wrong.

Yet Schiff is looking for witnesses that will say otherwise. In his drive to impeach the president, he must be getting sloppy.

We are learning that one of his witnesses—a White House expert on Russia—did not cooperate in the slightest.

In fact, she gave testimony that blew a massive hole in another attack on Trump.

From Daily Caller:

Fiona Hill, who was the top Russia expert at the White House, told lawmakers in October that she believed Russians fed disinformation to dossier author Christopher Steele.

Hill offered a scathing portrayed of Steele during a deposition she gave as part of the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump…

Steele’s eagerness to obtain work made him vulnerable to Russian disinformation.

Woah. Fiona Hill testified that the man behind the dossier was given misinformation from Russia itself.

You might remember that this dossier—paid for by Hillary Clinton—was used by the FBI as the basis to spy on Trump’s campaign.

It’s what was used by the media to accuse Trump of being a Russian “puppet.” And it sparked the agonizingly long Mueller probe.

All to prove that Trump was innocent.

Now we are learning that details from this dossier were fed to Steele by Russian agents.

Hill believes this because Steele was always so thirsty for work. But his history as a British spy made him a target for Russian agents.

Hill testified that she thinks Russia fed the man false information, just to get back at him. And, because he was so eager for work, he took the bait and put it into dossier the Democrats paid him to create.

It’s pretty clear that Hill has little respect for Steele’s integrity. As a national intelligence officer, she worked with him for years. So, I’m thinking she has good reason to be mistrustful of the man.

This all but destroys the left’s ongoing narrative that Trump is some kind of traitor that works with foreign countries to damage our democracy.

They were wrong about Russia and they’re wrong about Ukraine. Case closed.

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