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Hours Before Leaky Schiff’s Public Hearing – Nunes Drops ‘Devastating’ Impeachment Hammer

Devin Nunes just sent Adam Schiff reeling!

Adam Schiff and his Dems have been trying to control the impeachment push, preparing for the public trial just hours away. But bulldogs like Rep. Devin Nunes are holding their feet to the fire.

The liberal media is running away with the narrative that Trump tried to pressure Ukraine. But every Republican aware of Schiff’s closed-door meetings tell a different story.

Soon, the transcripts of those meetings will be released. The entire country will get to learn what these “witnesses” have been saying.

Will it be a slam-dunk for the left? I don’t think so. Why?

Because Nunes is declaring it’s all going to crash down around the Democrats.

From Breitbart:

Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA)… explained how Democrats and the media will attempt to frame the storylines but added that the recently released transcripts from the closed House Intelligence Committee impeachment hearings last week show the testimony given was “devastating to the Democrats.”

“The mainstream media is going to say how damaging it is to the president… But now that the transcripts are out, they’re devastating to the Democrats.”

Woah. I wonder how the media will spin Nunes’ claim that the transcripts will devastate the Democrats?

We knew there was a reason Schiff refused to hold public hearings. We knew he didn’t want the details of these hearings to reach the public.

Mr. Leaks himself refused to let the information reach the American people.

Now we know why.

Nunes makes it clear that the testimonies from last month’s hearings do not provide any evidence that Trump did anything wrong.

We know the transcript of his call with Ukraine did not prove the whistleblower’s claim. In fact, it proves Trump did not pressure Ukraine, nor did he offer a quid-pro-quo.

Schiff has been dragging witnesses into these hearings, hoping someone would say Trump broke the law.

But Nunes is saying, once we read the transcripts of these hearings, the left will have no case.

That most likely means even witnesses that were trying to throw Trump under the bus had nothing on him.

What we have heard from these hearings, the bits and pieces that have come out, suggest just that. Nobody that was aware of the call—and Trump’s dealings with Ukraine—have said he broke the law.

That, by the way, is the entire basis of the left’s sham impeachment. They are trying to remove President Trump from office over this call.

I wonder how they’ll try to spin all this, once the transcripts come out?

My guess is, even after Trump is cleared—they’ll still call him a criminal. They’ve been doing that since day one!

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