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Nadler Accidentally Admits Impeachment Inquiry Is A Sham

This morning on CNN, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), who is Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, one of the committees spearheading the impeachment inquiry into President Donald J. Trump, accidentally admitted that the impeachment inquiry is a sham and that the outcome is pre-determined.

When asked point-blank if he would “vote to impeach this presidency” if a vote was held today, Nadler responded, he refused to answer it saying he had to keep the “appearance of an open mind,” admitting the entire impeachment proceedings are just for show.

Republican Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), who is the ranking member on the House Judiciary OCmimttee tweeted, “Nadler says he is only concerned about the “appearance of an open mind,” admitting this impeachment process is pre-baked, unjust, and inevitable. Nadler just admitted that facts and fairness mean nothing to Democrats.”

The congressman’s outrage does not come without substance, as the supposed non-partisan impeachment inquiry was initialized in the House with no Republican support whatsoever, and two Democrats voting against their party on the political hit job of President Trump.
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