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Kamala Harris: “My Campaign is Falling Apart Because I’m a Woman of Color”

Mark Sidney|  If there is one thing that I can not stand, it is “identity politics.”

In my view, there is no difference in a white supremacist who blames all words problems on Jews or Black folks, and someone who openly blames ‘white people’ for all the world’s troubles.

Morgan Freeman said it best in this classic CNN interview with Don Lemon:

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Apparently Kamala Harris did not get the message.

This woman who is a sitting United States Senator, one of the most powerful people on the planet, who was VOTED into that position by Americans (albeit Californians but Americans nonetheless ;))

Someone had better give Kamala a lesson in American politics, because it seems as though she’s never heard of Condoleezza Rice, or Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton or ….

The anti-Trump presidential hopeful has now insinuated that her crumbling campaign on her being a woman of color.

During a recent interview with Axios, Harris blamed the less-than-stellar state of her campaign on sexism and racism.

Axios reported:

Kamala Harris says running for president as a woman of color in the 2020 election is different than running as a black man or as a white woman and that the question of electability has emerged as “the elephant in the room about my campaign.”

Why it matters: In an interview with “Axios on HBO,” the California senator, stuck around 5th place in Democratic presidential primary polls, says there’s still time to regain momentum to crack the top three in the Iowa caucuses on Feb. 3. She was mostly guarded in her remarks, but spoke more spontaneously on questions about race and her law-and-order background.

“Of course” it’s different to run for president as a black woman, she said. “When there is not a reference point for who can do what, there is a lack of ability or a difficulty in imagining that someone who we have never seen can do a job that has been done, you know, forty-five times by someone who is not that person.”

“I have also started to perhaps be more candid” or speak with “a candor in terms of the politics of race in the way that I’m talking during my town halls and in my rallies.”

Take a look at the words leaving her mouth in case you didn’t believe it:

Stacey Matthews of Legal Insurrection writes:

It really doesn’t get much more pathetic than this, folks.

At this stage in the game, Harris and the rest of the Democratic field are trying to win over Democratic primary voters, naturally, because that’s how the process works. First, you win a lot of primaries. Second, if you have the required number of delegates then you win the nomination.

So she’s basically accusing voters in her own party of not being ready to see a woman of color in the role of president. This in spite of the fact that a black man won the Democratic nomination in 2008 and ultimately the presidency. A woman won their nomination in 2016. Plus, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is now sitting alongside Joe Biden at the top of the pack.

Doesn’t it stand to reason that if Democratic voters are willing to elevate a woman to the top tier in the last two presidential primary cycles and a black man to the nomination back in 2008 that they would be more receptive to a woman of color this time around if she had a message that appealed to them?

On a side note, I would also like to personally see where in her career Condoleezza Rice has blamed her skin color or her gender for any political bias against her.

Not only does someone need to give Kamala Harris a history lesson, but someone needs to teach her a thing or two about taking responsibility for her own skewed political views and bad campaigning.

Here is why you are not going to win Kamala:

-You lie, a lot.

-You brag about smoking weed after spending half your career locking others up for doing so.

-You come off like a drunk party girl, in my opinion, in the debates

-You do not seem to be taking the race seriously

-You take no responsibility for your shortcomings.  You would do a lot better if you owned them.  Americans like people with humility and a some self awareness.

-Your policies stink.

Your failure has nothing to do with the amount of melanin in your skin.  If that was the case we would not be hearing about Michelle Obama and Oprah being floated as the Democrat’s dream nominee.

Oh, one more thing … This is a primary, so if your numbers are down, and you blame it on your race and gender … wouldn’t that mean you are calling Democrats racists, sexists? … asking for a friend.

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