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In Historic 9-0 Decision, Supreme Court Drops The Constitution On California

Democrats are triggered after Donald gets a slam-dunk case against them.

We are sick and tired of liberal government trying to run our lives and take as much as they can.

They rob Americans just to line the pockets of corrupt politicians.

And now, the Supreme Court has ruled enough is enough. And they’re hammering states like California.

From The Hill:

The Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled unanimously that states must adhere to the Constitution’s ban on excessive fines, a decision that will likely limit the ability of states to impose certain fees and seize property…

“This safeguard, we hold, is ‘fundamental to our scheme of ordered liberty,’ with ‘deep roots in our history and tradition,’” she said, quoting Supreme Court precedent.

This is a big win for every supporter of government staying out of our lives – and our pocketbooks. Of course, President Trump is seeing this as a huge win too.

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This is why we need to rein in corrupt, liberal states. They think they can bully Americans, pushing us around, as if we had no rights–or rights to our money.

The Supreme Court ruling is a reminder to Democrats that the people’s rights come first. We are not minions, beholden to the government’s abuses.

We are free Americans. The government has no right to take our money, excessively and un-Constitutionally.

California has been doing this for years, charging businesses and citizens massive fines in the name of “climate change.”

Well, they’re not going to get away with it any longer.

Now, even Supreme Court liberals including RBG are cracking down on this kind of abuse. I’m sure the socialists running in 2020 aren’t too happy about that.

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