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CIA Officer Reveals Whistleblower Evidence – Insider Sends Schiff, Nadler Scrambling Over Actual Author Of Report

This wasn’t supposed to get out – now Adam and Jerry are rushing to cover it up!

We didn’t want to engage in any theories without evidence (unlike all the Democrats), but now new, major evidence is coming out.

This really may all have been planted by Democrats like Nadler and Schiff from the start:

From the Daily Caller:

Former CIA officer and National Security Agency Chief of Staff Fred Fleitz is suggesting that the whistleblower accusing President Donald Trump of misconduct had help from lawyers and House Democrats in crafting his complaint.

He suggests the document is just too polished and has too much in common with the Democratic impeachment agenda — and a tweet from California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff…

And what was that tweet? Oh, it’s a beauty. Schiff apparently didn’t see the complaint until this past week…

Then why does it sound like he read it a month ago?

Check it out:

That’s pretty big evidence this whole thing has been cooked up from the start.

And who else agrees? Only one of the top lawyers in the land, Jay Sekulow. From the Washington Examiner:

“Look at the phraseology, the endnotes, and the footnotes,” Sekulow responded. “This wasn’t drafted by this individual. This was written by a law firm. And you know what? The American people see it for what it is.

If these allegations are true, this is outrageous. If this evidence lines up, it’s all been a big Democrat setup, just as we feared.

Of course, most of the media isn’t saying a word about these connections.

They want it to seem like the Democrats are really onto something. They would love nothing more than to see Trump impeached.

Especially for something he didn’t do.

Well, it’s time for Trump supporters to fight back. We need to all get the word out to Trump’s impeachment hearings crumble, and their 2020 chances with it.

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