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Top Democrat Agrees With Trump On Wall – Democrat Opposition Falling Apart

A top Democrat gives in – Donald just got his first crack in the dam.

Donald Trump is right on the wall.

We need to protect the ones we love, American citizens, and keep out dangerous lawbreakers.

Democrats clearly think the opposite. They want border jumpers to pour in, use our welfare system, and vote for Democrats.

But their “wall of opposition” is starting to break.

From The Daily Caller:

Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin got CNN host Chris Cuomo to respond with a “sure” to the idea that a “fencing of some sort” is needed at the border.

The admission came during a wide-ranging conversation on Monday’s edition of “Cuomo Prime Time” about the partial government shutdown and President Donald Trump’s desire for border barrier funding to be included in any bill he signs.

Diverting away from Trump and others’ stated need for a border wall, Cuomo noted that the contention that “we’re a wall away from safety” is “not true.”

Manchin is boldly breaking with the rest of his Party by telling the truth about our situation.

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He even got Cuomo to agree that drones and border guards would help secure the border, and that “fencing of some sort” is also needed.

But Cuomo only took issue with the wall, claiming that it wasn’t a cure-all for border crossers.

Cuomo falls back on the straw man argument, essentially saying that “A wall is no good because it doesn’t stop every single illegal from coming in 100%.”

But neither does a drone, or security cameras, or a virtual fence or a bunch of border guards.

So does that mean we aren’t supposed to use any of those methods?

And let’s say hypothetically that the wall would only stop 90% of people from jumping the border.

That leaves the current border patrol to deal with 10% of what they deal with today.

That seems significantly more reasonable than what we ask of them now. That is why the wall is called a “force multiplier” – it allows existing resources (border patrol) to be more effective by doing some of the deterrence work for them.

Walls work. That’s why they have been used for thousands of years. Walls funnel travelers to gates or openings in the wall where observers and guards can effectively monitor those entering and deal with issues in a controlled place.

These are facts.

When a dam cracks, eventually it gives way entirely.

Trump may get his wall yet if Democrats, who started this shutdown, fold under the pressure. and with Manchin now voicing his support for the wall, others may soon follow suit.

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Featured Image Source H/T: PatriotJournal

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