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After Paul Ryan Moves Back To Washington – His New Position Slips Out, Comes Crashing Down

Thought you could cover it up, Ryan? We know your swamp plans!

Not to mention how he rarely backed President Trump’s agenda.

What is worth noting is that while he was in office, he refused to relocate to D.C. He kept his home in Wisconsin—never getting a permanent home in Washington.

Now that he’s no longer angling for votes, he sold his home and is now living in D.C. Strange, huh?

He always railed against the corrupt system in D.C. But now he’s living there?

Well, we now know why. He just landed a cushy position.

From Washington Examiner:

The former Republican speaker of the House of Representatives is joining the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank based in Washington, D.C…

At AEI, Ryan will focus on opportunity, mobility, the social safety net, and entitlement reform, the institute said in a release.

That all sounds pretty weird.

It’s no secret that former politicians cash in on their time in office with big, fat jobs. Obama is raking it in over at Netflix and other boards.

So, it’s not a shocker that Ryan is now working with a “conservative think tank.”

But what exactly is he doing? I had to read the release several times to really sort it all out.

Looks like he’s a “Fellow” at this think tank. This group—an unelected body of “scholars”—is apparently trying to influence policy debate for years to come.

Oh, so they are lobbyists? They can call themselves conservatives all they want, but it sounds like more D.C. swamp antics.

What does “the social safety net” mean, anyway? Sounds a lot like socialism, if you ask me.

And why does he think he can do more for Americans in this group, than when he was actually in government?

You know, all that time he was fighting a conservative president from securing the border and fixing health care?

Perhaps this new job is just a nice big payday, with little to show for it in the coming years.

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Featured Image Source H/T: PatriotJournal

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