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Top Democrat Arrested For The Second Time – Used Taxpayer Dollars To Buy Himself A Rolex, Mercedes, Jewelry, And To Boost His Campaign And Business

He stole over $200,000, got re-elected – and he’s refusing to step down.

Time and again, Democrats seem to be let off the hook whenever they break the law—but not this time!

Most liberals never face the music, and here’s the perfect example. Except maybe they’ll actually get him this time.

We reported this Democrat was arrested in 2018 for stealing taxpayer dollars for adult entertainment. Yikes.

But he got off the hook—and was re-elected!

The perfect example of liberals getting away with anything.

But now he’s in the slammer again—and something tells me this time the charges will stick.

From Breitbart:

Mayor Jasiel Correia, the Democrat mayor of Fall River, allegedly operated a scheme to help marijuana stores conduct business in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes, according to a tweet from the FBI’s Boston field office.

Correia’s chief of staff was also arrested Friday…

Uh-oh! This Democrat mayor was trying to scam marijuana vendors? How much do you want to bet that the left-wing courts of the state aren’t going to be too happy about that?

And what did he spend the money on? A Rolex, a Mercedes, jewelry, his own political campaign, and his personal businesses.

What a laundry list of extravagance – while taxpayers just try to make a living!

Jasiel Correia was arrested for trying to take advantage of marijuana vendors, taking hundreds of thousands for his own benefit. Even his chief of staff was nabbed for going along with the scheme.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the courts of Massachusetts throw the book at Correia this time. Use tax dollars for your own pleasure? Bah, who cares?

But try to hurt one of the Left’s crusades? Look out, the liberals are going to come for you!

Just look at the all things he was using that cash for. Clearly, for many Democrats, running for office is a short cut to wealth and luxury.

So much for serving the people, huh? But now, it looks like he’ll be serving… a prison sentence.

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Featured Image Source H/T: PatriotJournal

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