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Ilhan Omar Sweating Bullets After FBI Made One Announcement

Radical Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar is arguably the most disliked member of Congress. Her approval rating is sitting at around 9 percent following six months of anti-America and anti-Semitic comments.

But she is likely sweating bullets after the FBI just made one huge announcement.

Omar has a shockingly long history of sympathizing with radical Islamic terrorists.

And, perhaps unsurprisingly, Omar’s district has the largest Somali refugee population in America.

Her district is also a hotbed for Islamic extremism, according to the FBI and Department of Justice.

That means she is already a likely target for the FBI, which is especially true after two male Somali refugees were just arrested after attempting to join the Islamic State terror group in Egypt’s Sinai region.

The two men, Ahmed Mahad Mohamed, and Abdi Yemani Hussein, were communicating with FBI agents posing as ISIS sympathizers before attempting to board a flight to Egypt to join the Islamic extremist group.

Here’s more from the DOJ press release:

“According to the criminal complaint, the defendants had been in communication with an FBI undercover employee whom they believed was a supporter of ISIS ideology. These communications revealed the defendants’ desire to travel overseas in order to fight on behalf of ISIS or to conduct an attack within the United States if they were unable to travel,” the DOJ said in a statement.

“According to court documents, both defendants came to the United States as refugees from Somalia,” the DOJ added. “At the time of their arrest, Mohamed had obtained lawful permanent resident status and Hussein remained a refugee.”

So what does this have to do with Omar?

Omar has a shocking history of defending terrorists over the U.S.

When Omar served as state legislature in Minnesota in 2016, 9 Somali refugees were arrested and found guilty of attempting to travel to Syria to join ISIS.

Prior to sentencing, Omar wrote a letter to the judge overseeing the case and begged for leniency for the Islamic extremists.

That’s right — these 9 radical jihadists, many from her district, were trying to join ISIS so they could carry out acts of violence against innocent people.

But Omar didn’t care about that and, instead, begged the judge not to sentence the would-be terrorists to 30 to 40 years in prison.

She actually argued in her letter that the best way to deter Islamic extremists from joining ISIS it to be “compassionate.”

“The best deterrent to fanaticism is a system of compassion,” the letter reads.

There is no telling if Omar plans to stand up for these two Islamic extremists as well, but it would not surprise many if she did.

Omar’s “compassion” for radical jihadists is so troubling that even President Donald Trump called her out for writing the egregious letter.

“She pleaded for compassion for ISIS recruits attempting to join the terrorist organization,” the President said at a recent rally.

Trump also responded to the arrest of the two recent Islamic extremists, tweeting:

“Somali refugees arrested in Tucson on way to Egypt. They were in touch with an agent posing as a terrorist. One of them stated, ‘The best wake up call is Islamic State to get victory or another 9/11.’ Get smart people!”

Trump understands the threat of radical Islamic terrorism and why it is so important to prevent it from ever taking root in America.

But Omar is trying to completely ignore it, despite the fact she has defended attempted ISIS fighters in the past.

Since becoming a member of Congress in January, Omar has found herself in hot water.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Omar was arrested in 2013 for trespassing in Minneapolis and was taken into custody at the Hennepin County Jail “to prevent further criminal conduct.”

Back in May, she questioned the patriotism of American-born citizens and claimed that she “probably loves this country more than anyone who is naturally born” in the country.

Things are so bad for Omar that she has been accused of marrying her own brother as well as possibly committing marriage, immigration, and tax fraud.

Featured Image Source H/T: ExplainLife

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