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Now Muslims Have Start Launching a Hundreds of Missiles at Israeli Civilian Targets.

Breaking News 2019: A report has been declared by Hamas that a war against Israel by launching hundreds of missiles at Israel country.

Many Israelis Jews and Christians, most of them are women and children are hiding in Israel sanctuaries.
That’s just the reality of daily life for the thousands of Israelis within rocket range of terrorists in Gaza.
The Western countries are now in silence when all the Islamic terrorists attack thousands of women and children in Israel, but screams when Israel defends itself as an attacked country

Now the British Taxpayers Give to Fund Islamic terrorism for over 220 M dollars . the British Government steals for over 22 M dollars of taxpayers money to fund The Palestinian Authority which pays more money to Muslim terrorists who carried out terrorist attacks by the name of their God or Islam sharia.

The more people they are killed the more money they gain at the expense of taxpayers in Australia.
Now The Palestinians are about to lose their terrorism financing from the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.
Every year Millions of dollars of American and Australian taxpayers money go to the Palestinian country in order to finance the terrorism.

The Palestinian country pays over 350 M of Dollars worth 7% of its budget and an astonishing 50% of its foreign aid receipts.
The Palestinian country paid 580 Dollars for every month to Muslim terrorists who are judged from three to five years in many prisons.

The Palestinian country paid the terrorists who have condemned to 18 years or maybe more in prison 2835 dollars in every month in the meantime those who committed more dangerous crimes and was involved in killing Christians or Jews get more money for every month for the rest of their lives.

Now as we see the Western World should stop financing the Palestinian country . over all the Muslim Terrorists all over the world carry out terror attacks in the name of their holy God.
They justify their dangerous crimes by claiming quotes verses from the Quran and their sharia laws.

Featured Image Source H/T: OurLifeDaily

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