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Jeb Bush Sends Bizarre Tweet About Presidents Dying on July 4

Governor Jeb Bush provoked a backlash after he sent a strange tweet about presidents who died on July 4, with many taking it as a veiled dig at President Trump.

“Three Presidents Die on July 4th: Just a Coincidence?” tweeted Bush along with a link to a story which explained how, “Three Founding Father Presidents—John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe—died on July 4.”

Whatever Jeb!’s reason for sending the tweet, Trump supporters were incensed.

“Are you threatening our @POTUS Jeb?!?! @SecretService @FBI Looks like a veiled threat. Reported,” remarked one.

“Why the hell would Jeb Bush post this today?” asked Will Burns.

“Good thing you’ll never have to worry about that,” joked Travis Wines.

Others pointed out that there was nothing wrong with the article, but the general consensus was that it was a very bizarre thing to tweet on July 4 and may be connected to anti-Trump criticism over his decision to host a pro-America parade in DC.

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