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After Hillary Clinton Said Last Election Was ‘Stolen’ From Her, Watch Former Secret Service Agent Embarrass Her

Hillary Clinton is at it again. Just when you thought she couldn’t get any more pathetic, she sinks to a whole new low.

The former Presidential candidate is crying about how the last election was “stolen” from her. Hillary gave a “warning” to the current Democratic Candidates that they can run the perfect campaign and “still have the election stolen” from them.

Well, former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino responded to Hillary on live TV and completely embarrassed her. Bongino exposed her for the pathetic swamp monster she truly is by pointing out that SHE was the one who colluded with Russia and she is STILL the one who should be investigated.

Watch the explosive video below then spread it everywhere because mainstream media keeps protecting Hillary.

“Hillary Clinton’s team literally… paid foreign spies to gather information to gather information from Russians to use to attack Donald Trump in the FISA court during the campaign. And she’s now complaining that the election was stolen from her??”

“I mean the gall, the nerve on Mrs. Clinton. And I just wish more networks would do what we’re doing and stick to the facts on this case and start asking the questions about the REAL collusion. Why did Hillary’s team collude with Russian intelligence to feed information to our law enforcement. It’s a simple question.”

Featured Image Source H/T: SubjectPolitics


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