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Democrats Caught Stealing Votes Again – Mayor Arrested In Sanctuary State

He was the first Democrat mayor in his sanctuary town in 50 YEARS – and he just woke up in the slammer.

Looks like the Left will do anything to win—and we just found out one Democrat who went way too far.

A town was run by a Republican for 50 years, then suddenly, a Democrat takes over. Oh really?

That seems pretty peculiar. People started asking questions and guess what?

The Democrat didn’t win the election—he stole it.

From North Jersey:

The mayor of Elmwood Park was arrested Monday after authorities say he interfered in the 2017 mayoral election.

Frank Caramagna, 74, resigned on Sunday, the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office said. Between March 2017 and November 2018, Caramagna allegedly filled in ballots of other registered voters, according to the Prosecutor’s Office.

For once—JUSTICE!

The mayor of Elmwood Park, New Jersey won his election. How? By filling in ballots of other registered voters to give him a slight lead over his opponent.

That, my friends, is breaking the law.

We’ve heard tales about this going on around the country. The liberal media tries to downplay it, instead trying to accusing Republicans of voter suppression (for requiring basic ID to vote).

But in recent months, we’ve heard more and more about voters voting twice or counties with questionable “voter harvesting” methods.

This story, though, really takes the cake. This man was personally voting for himself, using the ballots of other citizens.

He stole the election and robbed these citizens of their fundamental right to vote.

All the talk from the media that voter fraud doesn’t happen is a big fat lie. One Democrat was caught doing it.

How many more are out there doing the same?

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Featured Image Source H/T: PatriotJournal

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