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Ted Cruz Just Pulled Out a Piece of Paper on Live TV That Exposes Democrat Senators For The Snakes They Are

Senator Ted Cruz unloaded on Democrats during his questioning of Attorney General Barr today during the Senate Hearing.

This explosive video clip is going viral and for good reason.

In just one exchange, Sen. Cruz exposed the Democrat Senators for the lying snakes they truly are.

Watch this and spread it everywhere because the liberal media won’t show it. Press the blue button at the bottom to share on Facebook.

Here’s some of the exchange via TownHall:

Sen. Cruz: Their entire argument is ‘General Barr, you suppressed the 19 pages that are entirely public, that we have, that we can read, that they know every word of it.’ And their complaint is that it was delayed a few weeks

If that is their argument, I have to say, that is an exceptionally weak argument

Because, if you’re hiding something, I’ll tell you right now, General Barr, you’re doing a very lousy job of hiding it. ’cause the thing they’re suggesting you hid you released, you released to Congress and the American people,” Cruz explained, holding up the full Mueller report.

Senator Cruz:The principle attack that the Democratic senators have marshaled upon you concerns this March 27th letter from Robert Mueller and it’s an attack I want people to understand and just how revealing it is. This is their whole argument. They ain’t got nothing

…their argument is as follows, and let me see if I understand it correctly. You initially, when you received the Mueller report, released to Congress and the public a four-page summary of the conclusions. Then, on March 27th, Mr. Mueller asked you to release an additional 19-pages, an introduction and summary that he had drafted. And, indeed, in the letter, what he says is ‘I am requesting that you provide these materials to Congress and authorize their public release at this time.’ And the reason he says it is to fully capture the context, nature and substance of the office’s working conclusion

Featured Image Source H/T: SubjectPolitics

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