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In Historic Decision, Supreme Court Drops The Constitution On California Democrats

Trump just got another slam-dunk case against California – and Democrats are triggered.

Thanks to their liberal majority, California is the land of out-of-control Democrat rule.

Their broken policies have hurt good, hard-working citizens for years. Even the streets of major cities are literally full of human waste.

And they want to bring their agenda to your town too!

What’s worse, California Democrats would rather help “victims” than good businesses. In this case, tried to get workers to sue companies over minor problems.

They even took the case to the Supreme Court. But Trump’s conservative majority served them a big dose of justice.

From the New York Times:

The Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that workers at a California business could not band together to seek compensation for what they said was their employer’s failure to protect their data.

BOOM! The conservative majority of the Supreme Court ruled against California workers.

Thank you, TRUMP, for giving us a conservative majority!

These workers wanted to crush businesses over pretty minor issues. It is another example of left-wing socialism run amuck.

So John Roberts declared in his majority opinion that while the little guy has some rights, the Constitution does not allow them to band together and drag lawsuits for years.

I know what you’re thinking—Democrats always do this! Instead of helping workers and companies thrive, they do the exact opposite, and make it hard for business owners to make a profit.

After all the endless lawsuits, regulations, and taxes, guess what happens next? Those ungrateful workers are out of jobs, as many businesses crumble and shut down.

But this time around, Trump’s conservative majority refused to let liberal policies infect the rest of the country and hurt our economy.

They would not punish businesses just to let the “little guy” win.

This is a win for every American that is sick and tired of liberals running over businesses.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Bill

    May 3, 2019 at 10:58 pm

    Ca. leadership are just Liberal Assholes Pricks.. Sooner or later the real We the People will run these sick ass retards out of office and make Ca. Great Again… MCGA is what we need folks..

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