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After Dems Demand ‘Clean’ Mueller Report – Attorney General Barr Burns Washington Swamp Down

Democrats didn’t think Barr would dare – finally!

The Democrats couldn’t wait to see Mueller find Trump guilty. So they were crushed when Attorney General Barr announced the report said Donald was nnocent of collusion and obstruction.

Democrats, unwilling to let go of their 2+ yearlong hoax, demanded the full report.

So Barr gave them what they asked for. He released the report, with necessary legal redactions to protect on-going cases and witnesses.

And what do you know? Still innocent.

But Democrats STILL can’t believe their Russian hoax is dead. So they’re demanding the “clean,” unredacted report.

Barr gave them a very different response this time—and ruined their week. From Fox News:

The Department of Justice responded Friday to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler’s request for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s full and unredacted report, dismissing the request as both “premature and unnecessary.”

Poor Democrats – and it’s only Monday!

The DOJ knocked down their pathetic request, and they have every right to do so.

What do Democrats think they are going to see in the unredacted report? A line that says, “Oops! Trump IS guilty! All the evidence clearing his name was wrong, sorry!”

Really, Democrats?

The redactions don’t alter Mueller’s finding. The facts are: there is ZERO evidence to prove Trump or any American colluded with Russia. Mueller also said there was not enough evidence to go after President Trump on obstruction of justice.

Democrats don’t like that answer so once again, they are trying to move the goal posts. Hey, they’ve been lying to America for almost three years about this.

They can’t NOW admit what they did to undermine a sitting president.

The redactions only account for a very small part of the Mueller report. The vast majority of the report, the part with the findings, are free for every American to read.

So, what will the next lie about Trump will be? That he’s from outer space? That he is secretly a robot?

Makes as much sense as any of the others!

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Featured Image Source H/T: PatriotJournal

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